Grain grinder low hopper  

Ref. 600009

The Victoria Grain Mill is used to grind corn, coffee, wheat, sorghum and meat. It is also used to grind coconut, cheese and various species such as pepper, chilli etc. In Africa, it is used to grind peanuts, melon seeds for making soups and palm seeds to extract oil for home use.
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Grain Grinder High Hopper

Ref. 100004
Product by victoria

It is made of a special composition of gray iron. It is carefully machined and polshed to guaranty a very smooth surface. In order to avoid any food contamination, it is coated with a thick plate of pure tin. This TIN sanitary finish complies with all international regulations. The grinding plates are made in strong white iron and are rectified in order to produce a very fine grinding. They are adjustable for various degrees of grinding.

The Victorian Grain Mill does not require any special care. After finishing, dismantle and wash all components in hot water using a suitable detergent and dry thoroughly.